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Thanks everyone for a great season

October 25th Quick Results

Fast Car Dash-Jimmy Stinson, Danny Lasoski, Chad Kemenah, Dale Blaney, Nathan Skaggs, Greg Wilson,Tyler Courtney, Cole Duncan, Danny Smith, Brady Bacon
Charlie McCann Memorial-Ian Madsen,Rob Chaney, Caleb Helms, David Smith, Taylor Ferns, Andrew Palker, Brandy Bower, Rick Fraley, Nate Reeser, Mari Coleman, Randy Fink, Brandon Conkle, Curtis Evans, Dean Jacobs, Nick Roberts, Adam Strausser, Josh Davis, Mitchel Harble, Kevin Roberts
40-Lap Open Wheel Championship Feature-
Dale Blaney, Danny Lasoski, Greg Wilson,Nathan Skaggs, Jimmy Stinson, Tyler Courtney, Chad Kemenah, Danny Smith, Randy Hannagan, Brady Bacon, Todd Kane, Kory Crabtree, Kody Swanson, Ian Madsen, Bill Balog, Jac Haudenschild, Sheldon Haudenschild, Ron Blair, Danny Holtgraver, Ryan Broughton, Travis Philo, Ryan Myers, Mark Imler, Tim Shaffer, Cole Duncan, Bryan Nuckles

Fast Car Dash-Brady Short, Bryan Clauson, Dave Darland,Robert Ballou, Kody Swanson, Tyler Courtney, Matt Westfall, Sheldon Haudenschild, Kory Crabtree, Brady Bacon, Josh Davis
40-Lap Open Wheel Championship Feature-
Robert Ballou, Todd Kane, Chris Gurley, Matt Westfall, Sheldon Haudenschild, Kody Swanson, Chad Wilson, Dallas Hewitt, Tyler Courtney, Brady Short, Kory Crabtree, Dave Darland, Bryan Clauson, Dustin Hammond, Aaron Fry, Kevin Roberts, Randy Fink, Dave Disinger, Brady Bacon, Josh Davis, Nick Roberts.

Fast Car Dash-K-C Burdette, Mike Kinney, Anthony Kincade, Steve Clemmons, Joel Watson, Jess Hartman, Kenny Johnson, Jackie Boggs, Brian Whiteman, Dave Jamison
40-Lap Open Wheel Championship Feature-
K-C Burdette, Jackie Boggs, Joel Watson, Anthony Kincade, Kenny Johnson, Tim Tribby, Mike Kenney, Mike Long, Kyle Brown, Jeff Votaw, Jimmy Lennox, Brian Whiteman, Jim Szekacs, Jess Hartman, Dave Jameson, Steve Stover, Bob Crace, Jr., Rick Shutts, Andy Bond, David Pinkerton, Steve Clemmons

October 24th Quick Results

Fast Time: Danny Smith 12:380
Heat One-Sheldon Haudenschild, Jac Haudenschild, Danny Smith, Travis Philo, Kody Swanson,Taylor Ferns, David Smith, Caleb Armstrong, Nate Reeser
Heat Two-Greg Wilson, Nathan Skaggs, Ronnie Blair, Kevin Thomas, Rick Fraley, Mark Imler, Andrew Palker, Brandon Wimmer, Aaron Higgins
Heat Three-Brady Bacon, Chad Kemenah, Jimmy Stinson, Adam Strausser, D.J. Foos, Jimmy Nier, Josh Davis, Nick Roberts, Randy Fink
Heat Four-Danny Lasoski, Bryan Nuckles,Tyler Courtney, Ryan Myers, Mitchel Harble, Ryan Broughton, Caleb Helms, Brandy Bower, Kevin Roberts
Heat Five-Dale Blaney, Todd Kane, Kory Crabtree, Danny Holtgraver, Dean Jacobs, Jesse McCreary, Mike Terry, Jr., Ian Madsen, Dean Kester
Heat Six- Tim Schaffer, Randy Hannigan, Cole Duncan, Bill Balog, Curtis Evans, Rob Chaney, Brandon Conkle, Mark Coleman
C-main: Brandy Bower, Brandon Wimmer, Josh Davis, Caleb Helms, David Smith, Ian Madsen, Aaron Higgins, Kevin Roberts, Nate Reeser, Nick Roberts, Caleb Armstrong, Mike Terry, Jr., Andrew Palker, Mark Coleman, Randy Fink, Brandon Conkle, Dean Kester
B-Main : Bill Balog, Kody Swanson, Ryan Myers, Danny Holtgraver, Travis Philo, Ryan Broughton, Caleb Helms, Curtis Evans, Rob Chaney, Mitchel Harble, Kevin Thomas, David Smith, Josh Davis, Mark Imler, Brandy Bower, Rick Fraley, Adam Strausser, Brandon Wimmer, D.J. Foos, Dean Jacobs, Taylor Ferns, Jesse McCreary, Jim Nier (DNS)

B-Main- Dave Fireball Pinkerton, Jim Szekacs,Jeff Votaw, Bob Crace, Jr., Steve Stover, Harrison Hall, Rick Neace, Denny Szekacs, Eric Arledge, Rick Shutts, Zach Ackley, Trevor Chaney

October 23rd Quick Results

Non-Winged Sprints (23)

Fast Time: Kody Swanson 14:883 New Track Record

Heat One-Kody Swanson, Kory Crabtree, Matt Westfall, Todd Kane, Aaron Fry, Chris Gurley, R.J. Perkins, Dave Disinger

Heat Two- Brady Short,Dave Darland, Bryan Clauson, Robert Ballou, Chad Wilson, Brady Bacon, Randy Fink, Andy Hill

Heat Three-Josh Davis, Dallas Hewitt, Sheldon Haudenschild, Tyler Courtney, Nick Roberts, Dustin Hammond, Kevin Roberts


Fast Time:K-C Burdette 15:336

Heat One-K-C Burdette, Andy Bond, Mike Long, Mike Kinney, Rick Venham, David Godfrey, Rick Neace, Harley Martin

Heat Two-Jess Hartman, Tim Tribby, Kenny Johnson, Brian Whiteman, Jim Szekacs,Eric Arledge, Harrison Hall, Shawn Holiday

Heat Three-Jackie Boggs, Dave Jamison, Joel Watson, Kyle Brown, Bob Crace, Jr., Rick Shutts, Trevor Chaney, Denny Szekacs

Heat Four- Matt Westfall, Anthony Kincade, Steve Clemmons, Jimmy Lennox, David Pinkerton, Steve Stover, Zach Ackley, Jeff Votaw

The following rules will be fully enforced.

Enduro Rules for now on.
1. Completely stock car. No 4x4's.
2. No Locked Rear Ends. No posi-tracs.
3. Seatbelts & Shoulder Belts Req'd
4. Doors must be chained, bolted or welded shut.
5. Driver windshield protection must be bars or screened in.
6. Nobody under 16 years old permitted.
7. DOT 60 or 70 Series tires only.
8. No Rub Rails.
9. No Derby Cars, No Reinforced Bumpers.
10. If you have a passenger, you must have a minimum of a 4 point roll cage. The passage must also have a seat and shoulder belt as well as a Helmet.

These will be checked for now on, do not show up with an illegal car. If you show up with an illegal car, you will not be allowed to race and your money will NOT be refunded. A shortened car is not a stock car, a car with racing wheels is not a stock car, a car with headers going thru the hood is not a stock car. Any car that finished in a paying position will have the back of the car lifted by the Kubota to determine if you have a locked rear end.


November 1- Topless Weekend- DAN RENO MEMORIAL WEEKEND $2,222 TO WIN for Modifieds, plus Late Models $2,222 to win, Street Stocks, Sport Mods, Enduro

Welcome to the new home of Atomic Speedway!





Race Day Times Weekly Classes
Pit Gates Open: 2:00 pm 410 Winged Sprint Cars
Gates Open: 4:00 pm   Super Late Models
Hot Laps:6:00 pm  Modifieds
Racing:6:30 pm  Street Stocks
      Sport Mod's
General Admission Pit Admission
Ages 0-12:Free    12 and Under: $15 
Adults 12+:$12     Adults 12+: $30
Registration forms are available now. Click here to print out the registration form.
Racing scheduled for September 20th has been rescheduled for October 4th. The track is currently being resurfaced and will be ready for FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT September 27th $5 general admission for adult and kids 0-12 are FREE