Track Phone: (740) 703-9749   2535 Blain Highway, Waverly, Ohio 45690  


Saturday May 14th Results

Fast Shafts B-Main #1 Finish (15 Laps, Top 2 Transfer): Eric Wells, Steve Casebolt , Gregg Satterlee, Greg Johnson, Tim McCreadie, Jake O'Neil, Scott James , Greg Oliver, Jason DuPont, Jared Landers, Nick Latham, Kirk Phillips, Jackie Boggs, Brian Shirley-DNS, Freddie Carpenter-DNS, Kenneth Howell-DNS

Keyser MFG B-Main #2 Finish (15 Laps, Top 2 Transfer): Mason Zeigler, Devin Moran, Kent Robinson, Mike Benedum, Mike Marlar, Duane Chamberlain, Jeremy Hines, Jason Montgomery, Kody Evans, Chris Shannon, Daniel Williams, Billy Gullion, Ben Adkins, Shannon Babb, Colton Flinner

Ten-Not-In: (20 Laps): Gregg Satterlee, Kent Robinson, Greg Johnson, Mike Benedum, Gregg Oliver, Scott James, Duane Chamberlain, Jake O’Neil, Jason Montgomery, Chris Shannon

Buckeye Nationals AMain - Scott Bloomquist, Jonathan Davenport, Josh Richards, Chris Madden, Dennis Erb Jr, Steve Francis, Eddie Carrier Jr, Earl Pearson Jr, Tim McCreadie, Darrell Lanigan, Darrell Lanigan, Dale McDowell, Jared Landers, Rod Conley, Brandon Sheppard, Colton Flinner, Eric Wells, Jimmy Owens, Steve Casebolt, Devin Moran, RJ Conley, Tim Dohm, Devin Gilpin, Mason Zeigler, Delmas Conley & Don O’Neal

AMRA Renegades of Dirt Modified Series

BMain 1 – Dave Jamison, Eric Hatfield, Luke Jordan, Jimmy Lennex, Mark Dickson, Ryan Wisecarver, Dave Pinkerton, Mick Sansom, Jim Lemaster, Travis Carr, Ben Adkins, Kevin Miller, Brandon Smith, Justin Hart

BMain 2 – Rich Michael Jr, Brian Whiteman, Seth Daniels, Clint Keenan, Travis Dickson, Joel Watson, David Hittle, Harrison Hall, Adam Jordan, Daniel Hill, Nathon Loney, Philip Bapst, Adam Colley, Mike Conkle, Trevor Chaney, Chase Sansom

10 Not In – Clint Keenan, Mark Dickson, Travis Dickson, Joel Watson, Adam Jordan, Dave Pinkerton, Ryan Wisecarver, Jimmy Lennex. DNS – Ben Adkins, Nathon Loney

RoD Buckeye Nationals – Jacob Hawkins, Rick Aukland, Jason Montgomery, John Burdette, Jesse Wisecarver, Greggie Oliver, Dan Davies, Dave Jamison, Kenny Johnson, Luke Jordan, Kevin Miller, Tanner Wilson, Jackie Boggs, Seth Daniels, Nick Hoffman, Rich Michael Jr, Eric Hatfield, Justin Hart, Devin Gilpin, Brian Whiteman

Hard Charger – Kenny Johnson 20th to 9th (11 pos.)

Friday May 13th Results

Miller Welders Fast Time Group A: Brandon Sheppard / 14.047 seconds
Miller Welders Fast Time Group B: Steve Francis / 14.493 seconds

Eibach Springs Heat Race #1 Finish (12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Brandon Sheppard, Jonathan Davenport, Dale McDowell, Eric Wells, Gregg Satterlee, Greg Johnson, Nick Latham, Kirk Phillips

FK Rod Ends Heat Race #2 Finish (12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Chris Madden, Delmas Conley, Josh Richards, Tim McCreadie, Steve Casebolt, Scott James, Jason DuPont, Kenneth Howell-DNS

Simpson Performance Products Heat Race #3 Finish (12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Scott Bloomquist, RJ Conley, Don O'Neal, Jake O'Neil, Jackie Boggs, Brian Shirley, Greg Oliver, Freddie Carpenter, Jared Landers

QA1 Heat Race #4 Finish (12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Steve Francis, Earl Pearson, Jr., Eddie Carrier, Jr., Mason Zeigler, Shannon Babb, Mike Benedum, Jason Montgomery, Daniel Williams Heat Race #5 Finish (12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Jimmy Owens, Tim Dohm, Rod Conley, Kent Robinson, Mike Marlar, Billy Gullion, Kody Evans, Ben Adkins

ASi Racewear Heat Race #6 Finish (12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Darrell Lanigan, Dennis Erb, Jr., Devin Gilpin, Devin Moran, Duane Chamberlain, Jeremy Hines, Chris Shannon, Colton Flinner

AMRA Renegades of Dirt Modified Series (44)
Fast Time – Jacob Hawkins 15.878

Heat 1 – Jackie Boggs, Jacob Hawkins, Rick Aukland, Dave Jamison, Luke Jordan, Dave Pinkerton, Mark Dickson, Ryan Wisecarver, Mick Sansom, Jim Lemaster, Travis Carr

Heat 2 – Jason Montgomery, Dan Davies, Devin Gilpin, Rich Michael Jr, Clint Keenan, Seth Daniels, Travis Dickson, Trevor Chaney, Harrison Hall, Philip Bapst, Chase Sansom

Heat 3 – Nick Hoffman, Tanner Wilson, Kenny Johnson, Eric Hatfield, Brian Shaw, Ben Adkins, Jimmy Lennex, Kevin Miller, Brandon Smith, Randy Pennington, Justin Hart

Heat 4 – Jesse Wisecarver, John Burdette, Greggie Oliver, Brian Whiteman, Joel Watson, David Hittle, Daniel Hill, Nathon Loney, Adam Jordan, Mike Conkle, Adam Colley

Thursday May 12th Results

C&M Racing Equipment Sport Mods (19)
Fast Time – Cole Perine 16.402
Heat 1 – Steve Nobile, Joel Richendollar, Tony Siebert, Adam Jones, Cody Gifford, Marty Lamm, Tonka Harris, Darrin Carpenter, Jeff Ward, Cole Perine
Heat 2 – James Dennis, Andy Trout, Bob Crace, Mike Brust, JD Broughton, Brandon Allen, Billy Bowles, John Cuckler, Gary Griffith
AMain – James Dennis, Steve Nobile, Andy Trout, Bob Crace, Joel Richendollar, Mike Brust, Tony Seibert, Cody Gifford, JD Broughton, Tonka Harris, Marty Lamm, John Cuckler, Darrin Carpenter, Gary Griffith, Brandon Allen, Jeff Ward, Billy Bowles. DNS – Adam Jones, Cole Perine

Ohio Valley Roofers Legends (15)
Heat 1 – Steve Duderstat, Josh Francis, Cole Demint, Tommy Stout Sr, Rusty Demint, Tommy Stout Jr, John Gugman, Jacob Tolle
Heat 2 – Sean Scott, Nathan Skaggs, Tom Partin, Steven Partin, Ashley Tackett, Rob Puckett, Harold Beasley
Feature – Sean Scott, Josh Francis, Cole Demint, Tommy Stout Jr, Tom Partin, Rusty Demint, John Gugman, Ashley Tackett, Steven Partin, Tommy Stout Sr, Jacob Tolle, Nathan Skaggs, Steve Duderstat, Harold Beasley. DNS – Rob Puckett

All drivers are required to have transponders and raceceivers for the 2016 season. Raceceiver channel 454.000. We use yellow westhold transponders or orange direct wire westhold transponders.


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May 28th, 2016

410 Sprints, AMRA Late Models, AMRA Modifieds, RaceSaver 305 Sprints, and AMRA Sport Mods

Pit Gates open at 2pm
General Admission Gates open at 4pm
Hot Laps at 6pm

General Admission $15
Sr/Vet Admission $13
Kids 12 & Under FREE

Pit Admission $30
Kids Pit Admission $15

(Same cooler rule as Eldora)
No Alcohol or Glass allowed to be carried into the speedway

For media credentials, contact our general manager Steve at


Race Day Times Weekly Classes
Pit Gates Open: 2:00 pm 410 Sprint Cars
Gates Open: 4:00 pm   AMRA Super Late Models
Hot Laps:6:00 pm  AMRA Modifieds
Racing:6:30 pm  AMRA Sport Mods
General Admission Pit Admission
Ages 0-12:Free    12 and Under: $15 
Adults 12+:$15     Adults 12+: $30
Seniors 60+:$13        
Registration forms are available now. Click here to print out the registration form.
Racing scheduled for September 20th has been rescheduled for October 4th. The track is currently being resurfaced and will be ready for FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT September 27th $5 general admission for adult and kids 0-12 are FREE