Track Phone: (740) 703-9749   2535 Blain Highway, Waverly, Ohio 45690  


July 25th Results: AMRA LATE MODELS (24)

Reno and Sons Lawn Care/Octane Race Products
Fast Time: Jason Montgomery 13:421
DASH: Matt Westfall, Jackie Boggs, Jason Montgomery, Devin Moran, R.J. Conley, Nick Latham
Heat One-Walker Arthur, Duane Chamberlain, Zack Dohm, J.T. Conley, Greggie Oliver, Jeremy Berwanger, Jason Jameson, Jeremy Misel, Adam Jones
Heat Two-Mark Frazier, Chad Smith, Rod Conley, Tommy Mossbarger, Scott Edmisten, Joe Buskirk, Ben Adkins, Darin Roush, Mick Sansom
Feature: Jackie Boggs, Matt Westfall, R.J. Conley, Nick Latham, Jason Montgomery, Devin Moran, Zack Dohm, Duane Chamberlain, Rod Conley, Greggie Oliver, Walker Arthur, Jason Jameson, Jeremy Berwanger, Mark Frazier, Ben Adkins, Jeremy Misel, Mick Sansom, Joe Buskirk, Adam Jones, Chad Smith, Scott Edmisten, Tommy Mossbarger, J.T. Conley, Darin Roush
Hard Charger: Jason Jameson 19th to 12th


Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association (OVSCA)
Fast Time: Cole Duncan 11:828
Heat One-Brandon Wimmer, Cole Duncan, Beau Stewart, Nathan Skaggs, Kody Kinser, George Hawkins, Jimmy Light, Brian Benson, Dustin Webber
Heat Two-Cale Thomas, Todd Kane, Ron Blair, Ryan Broughton, Dave Dickson, Nate Reeser, Randy Fink, R.J. Perkins, Eric Martin
Heat Three-Kory Crabtree, Kevin Swindell, Caleb Armstrong, Mike Terry Josh Davis, Eddie Slone, Brandon Conkle, Mark Coleman, Mark Imler
B-Main:Nate Reeser, George Hawkins, Eddie Slone, Jimmy Light, Brian Benson, Brandon Conkle, Randy Fink, Mark Coleman, Dustin Webber, Eric Martin, R.J. Perkins, Mark Imler
Feature: Cole Duncan, Brandon Wimmer, Kevin Swindell, Ron Blair, Kory Crabtree, Cale Thomas, Ryan Broughton, Kody Kinser, Todd Kane, Nathan Skaggs, Josh Davis, Caleb Armstrong, Beau Stewart, Nate Reeser, Dave Dickson, Jimmy Light, George Hawkins, Eddie Slone, Mike Terry, Brian Benson.
Hard Charger: Kody Kinser 13th to 8th

Precision Grading AMRA MODIFIEDS (20)

Fast Time: Jason Montgomery 15:406
Heat One-Greggie Oliver, Jason Montgomery, Donnie Miller, Clint Keenan, Jimmy Lennex, Bud Frazier, Josh Scott
Heat Two-Brandon Oliver, Dave Fireball Pinkerton, Mark Dickson, Seth Daniels, Pete Brunton, Eric Arledge, Trevor Chaney
Heat Three-Brian Whiteman, John Burdette, Dave McWilliams, Zac Ackley, Mike Conkle, Rick Shutts
Feature: Greggie Oliver, Jason Montgomery, Brian Whiteman, Dave Pinkerton, Brandon Oliver, John Burdette, Mark Dickson, Donnie Miller, Jimmy Lennex, Dave McWilliams, Clint Keenan, Josh Scott, Mike Conkle, Seth Daniels, Zac Ackley, Bud Frazier, Rick Shutts, Trevor Chaney, Eric Arledge, Pete Brunton
Hard Charger: Josh Scott 19th to 12th

C & M Racing Equipment Sport Mods (12)

Fast Time: Bob Crace, Jr.16:425
Heat One-Bob Crace, Jr., Blake Sheets, Steve Noble, Keith Shanks, Chase Sansom, Ricky Roberts
Heat Two-Tony Seibert, Jason Cottrill, Derek Davidson, Jay Dunaway, Bill Young, Patrick Hayes
Feature: Bob Crace, Jr., Jason Cottrill, Tony Seibert, Steve Noble, Keith Shanks, Jay Dunaway,Derek Davidson,Chase Sansom, Bill Young, Patrick Hayes, Ricky Roberts

Back Burner Smokeatorium Enduro

Matt Balsley, Rusty Balsley, Matt Balsley, A.J. Todd, Rick Balsley, J.D. Broughton

Big addition to the August 2015 schedule at Atomic Speedway.

Friday August 21-$8,000 to win
Saturday August 22-$10,000 to win

With an unexpected opening in the World of Outlaw Late Models schedule the night following our scheduled WOOLMS show, Atomic Speedway will pick up that date and make this a first time ever back to back WOOLMS event at the Fastest 3/8 Mile Dirt Track in the Country.
Also in action both nights will be AMRA Modifieds paying $1,000 Friday & $1,500 Saturday. Along with Sport Mods paying $600 each night. Call for camping details and reserve your spot today 740-703-9749 all primitive spots or Trackside Camping 740-701-2908 for electric and water.

Pricing for this event will be:
Friday- Kids 0-12 free, GA $22, SR GA $20, Pit Pass $35, Kids Pit $20
Saturday- Kids 0-12 free, GA $25, SR GA $23, Pit Pass $35, Kids Pit $20
Present a ticket stub or pit band from Friday and receive $5 off Saturday's admission.

No reserved seating sold. Season seat holders seats will be honored.
VIP seating available.
Tickets sold at gate on raceday starting at 4pm Friday July 21.
Thank you to our great fans, race teams and sponsors who support us weekly.

All drivers are required to have transponders and raceceivers for the 2015 season. We will only have a limited number (<20) of transponders to rent. It is the drivers responsibility to have a transponder. If you do not have a transponder, you will not be scored and you will not receive points or money for the evening. We use yellow westhold transponders or orange direct wire westhold transponders.


Welcome to the internet home of Atomic Speedway!



Friday, July 31st

$5,000 to win All Star Sprints
$2,000 to win BOSS Sprints
$600 to win RaceSaver Sprints

Gates open at 4:30

General Admission $22
Pit Admission $35
Kids Pit Admission $20

Saturday, August 1st

$10,000 to win All Star Sprints
$2,000 to win AMRA Modifieds
$1,000 to win Racesaver Sprints

Gates open at 4:30

General Admission $25
Pit Admission $35
Kids Pit Admission $20

General Admission $40
Pit Admission $60
Kids Pit Admission $40


Race Day Times Weekly Classes
Pit Gates Open: 2:00 pm OVSCA 410 Sprint Cars
Gates Open: 4:00 pm   AMRA Super Late Models
Hot Laps:6:00 pm  AMRA Modifieds
Racing:6:30 pm  Sport Mods
General Admission Pit Admission
Ages 0-12:Free    12 and Under: $15 
Adults 12+:$12     Adults 12+: $30
Registration forms are available now. Click here to print out the registration form.
Racing scheduled for September 20th has been rescheduled for October 4th. The track is currently being resurfaced and will be ready for FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT September 27th $5 general admission for adult and kids 0-12 are FREE