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Meet the Drivers Night Results

Ohio Heating / Kears Speed Shop 410 Sprints, (26 Entries)

B Main Winner: Adam Cruea Feature Finish: Cole Duncan, Danny Smith, Ronnie Blair, Ryan Meyers, Max Stambaugh, Brinton Marvel, Jimmy Stinson, Cody Gallogly, Ayrton Olsen, Cale Stinson, Bryan Nuckles, Nick Patterson, Steve Butler, Keith Baxter, Adam Cruea, Josh Davis, Nate Reeser, Dave Dickson, Jake Hesson, Lance Webb

Results July 18, 2019 Mike Goins

Impact Race Gear Late Models, (18 Entries) Fast Qualifier: Feature Finish: Freddie Carpenter, Clint Keenan, Jackie Boggs, Tyler Carpenter, Kenny Christy, Chad Smith, Lee Logan, Joe Brewer, Brian Eaton, Cameron Logan, Randy Ross, Mark Frazier, Chris Lockhart, Rob Starett, Jacob Wiblin, Randall Potter, Mike Wilson, Delmas Conley,

Casto's Auto Shop Modifieds, (17 Entries) Feature Finish: Greggie Oliver, JP Roberts, Travis Dickson, Kenny Johnson, Jason Montgomery, Kyle Moore, Shane Shirk, Dustin Sword, Dalton Chaney, Henny Lawson , Austin Stone, Jim Szekacs, Dave Pinkerton, Clark VanHouten, Scott Sperry, Cody Basinger, Brianna Robinson,

C&M Racing Equipment Sport Mods, (22 Entries) Feature Finish: Reed Bishop, Jamey Adams, Kevin Spencer, Bob Crace, Gary Griffith, Jason Adams, Adam Jones, Miles Cook, JD Broughton, Spencer Flowers, Gary Park, Adam Travis, Bud Frazier, Sterling Packer, , Bill Shannon, Myron Shaffer, Chase Sampson, Blake Sheets

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2535 Blain Highway

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