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Season Championships - Results

Kears Speed Shop/ VMS Heating & Cooling Sprint Cars (37 Entries)

Fast Qualifier: Cole Duncan 11.792

Heat Winners: Cole Duncan, Max Stambaugh, Mitch Harble, and Clay Riney

B-Main Winners: Ronnie Blair and Noah Dunlap

Feature Finish: Cole Duncan, Todd Kane, Max Stambaugh, Danny Smith, Clay Riney, Mitch Harble,Keith Baxter, Jack Sodeman Jr., Stewart Brubaker, Jordan Harble, Ronnie Blair, Bryan Nuckles, Dan McCarron, Cody Gardner, Lance Webb, Noah Dunlap, Steve Butler, Henry Malcuit, Kory Crabtree, Adam Cruea

Carpet Outlet Late Models ( 27 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Kyle Thomas 13.949

Heat Winners: Chris Shannon, Rod Conley, and Kevin Wagner

B-Main Winner: Derek Chaney

Feature Finish: Rod Conley, Matt Irey, Chris Shannon, Mark Frazier, Kyle Thomas, Delmas Conley, Greggie Oliver, Kevin Wagner, Billy Gullion, Shannon Thornsberry, Joe Brewer, Ronnie Whitt, Travis Carr, John Melvin, Matt Melvin, Austyn Mills, Chris Lockhart, Derek Chaney, Jesse Lyons, Derek Davis

OTP Industrial Solution Modifieds ( 23 Entries)

Fast Qualifier: JP Roberts 15.266

Heat Winners: Mark Dickson, Brian Whiteman, Greggie Oliver

B-Main Winner: Pete Brunton

Feature Finish: Greggie Oliver, Dalton Chaney, JP Roberts, Brian Whiteman, Dave Pinkerton, Brandon Oliver, Casey Fritz, Brianna Robinson, Mark Dickson, Danny Moore, Mike Conkle, Adam Colley, Pete Brunton,Dustin Gibbs, Tom McClain, Eric Arledge, Dustin Gilbert, Tyler Hasenmeier, Nathan Loney, Craig Christian DNS

C&M Racing Equipment SportMods ( 24 Entries)

Fast Qualifier: Bob Crace Jr. 15.920

Heat Winners: Bob Crace Jr, Adam Jones, and Jason Cottrill

B-Main Winner: Todd Ervin

Feature Finish: Adam Jones: Bob Crace Jr, Steve Nobile, Jason Cottrill, Gary Griffith, Gary Park, Bud Frazier, Kevin Spencer, Spencer Flowers, Gary Blackburn, JD Broughton, Austin Stone, Nick Snell, Mike Brust, Billy Bowles, Brian Moore, Todd Ervin, Sterling Packer, Blake Sheets, Tonka Harris

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