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Night 2 - Open Wheel Championships

Open Wheel Championship Night #2 Results 8-3-18

BOSS Series NW Sprints (25 entries)

Heat Winners: Ty Tilton, Dustin Webber, and Joe Liguori

B-Main Winner: Mike Miller

Feature Finish: Matt Westfall, Cody Gardner, Paul Dues, Kory Crabtree, Bill Rose, Michael Fischesser, Carmen Perigo, Mike Miller, Kyle Simon, Brandon Whited, Dustin Webber, Steve Little, Cole Ketchum, Ty Tilton, Chad Wilson, Joe Liguori, Dustin Hammond, Eric Semple, Jay Dunaway, Matt Cooley

OVSCA Sprints (29 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Lee Jacobs 11.987

Heat Winners: Brandon Wimmer, Danny Smith, and Brinton Marvel

B-Main : Aryton Olson

Feature Finish: Brandon Wimmer, Lee Jacobs, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Stinson, Danny Smith, Ronnie Blair, Keith Baxter, Ricky Peterson, Brinton Marvel, Jordan Harble, Josh Davis, Aryton Olson, Andre Layfield, Dave Dickson, Jamie Meyers, Lance Webb, Bryan Nuckles, Cale Stinson, Jake Hesson, Nate Reeser

OTP Industrial Solution Modifieds (17 entries)

Fast Qualifier: KC Burdette 14.975

Heat Winners: KC Burdette and Taylor Cook

Feature Finish: Taylor Cook, Jesse Wisecarver, Kenny Johnson, Craig Christian, JP Roberts, Brian Whiteman, Jess Hartman, Mark Dickson, Brianna Robinson, Dalton Chaney, Aaron Pendleton, Dustin Gibbs, KC Burdette, Evan Seitz, Derrick Smith

305 Sprint Cars ( 12 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Dustin Stroup 13.425

Heat Winners: Justin Clark and Chris Fraley

Feature Finish: Dustin Stroup, Derrick Hammond, Jake Hesson, Dustin Rall, Rod Henning, Lewie Christian, Hunter Lynch, Jacob Stickle, Chris Fraley, Wade Fraley, Justin Clark, Austin Welch

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