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Dean Knittel Memorial Results

Dean Knittel Memorial Event

Kears Speed Shop / VMS Heating & Cooling Sprints ( 33 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Spencer Bayston 11.531

Dash Winner: Spencer Bayston

Heat Winners: Justin Peck, Tim Shaffer, and Dale Blaney

B-Main Winner: Cody Gallogly

Feature Finish: Spencer Bayston, Cole Duncan, Lee Jacobs, Tim Shaffer, Cale Thomas, Justin Peck, Travis Philo, Caleb Helms, Max Stambaugh, Danny Smith, Ricky Peterson, Mike Terry Jr, Jimmy Stinson, Dale Blaney, Mitch Harble, Brinton Marvel, Josh Davis, Brandon Whited, Clinton Boyles, Nate Reeser, Mark Imler, Brandon Wimmer, Ronnie Blair, Cody Gallogly

Ohio Pest Control 305’s (25 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Paul Weaver 13.298

Heat Winners: Paul Weaver, Justin Clark, and Hunter Lynch

B-Main: Jacob Stickle

Feature Finish: Paul Weaver, Justin Clark, Rod Henning, Dustin Hammond, Kendall Ruble, Jeff Wimmenauer, Chris Fraley, Matt Lucious, Danny Clark, Jay Dunaway, George Englert, Mike Ebersbach, Hunter Lynch, John Paynter Jr, Dustin Rall, Derek Hammond, Jackson Sloan, Jacob Stickle, Lewie Christian

C&M Racing Equipment SportMods (24 entries)

Fast qualifier: Bob Crace 16.098

Heat Winners: Bob Crace, Jamey Adams, and Kevin Spencer

B-Main Winner: BJ Branham

Feature Finish: Bob Crace, Jamey Adams, Kevin Spencer, Joel Richendollar, Spencer Flowers, Allen Gulley, Blake Sheets, Gary Griffith, Tonka Harris, BJ Branham, Mike Brust, Gary Park, Richard Trego, Bud Frazier, Austin Stone, Stevie Thornsberry, John Cuckler, JD Broughton, Adam Jones, Adam Travis

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