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Rick Ferkel Classic - All Star Sprint Finale

Atomic Speedway Results 6/23/18

Rick Ferkel Classic

All-Star Speedweek Makeup Feature Finish from 6/20/18: Chad Kemenah, Ryan Smith, Paul McMahan, Jac Haudenschild, Cap Henry, Tim Shaffer, Rico Abreu, Aaron Reutzel, Hunter Schuerenberg, Dave Blaney, Christopher Bell, TJ Michael, Spencer Bayston, Cale Conley, Danny Smith, Justin Peck, Carson Macedo, DJ Foos, Gerard McIntyre, Carl Bowser, Brandon Wimmer, Mitch Harble, Parker Price-Miller, Cole Duncan, Tyler Esh

Arctic Cat All-Star Circuit of Champions (47 entries)

Fast Time : Aaron Reutzel 11.195

Heat Winners: Dave Blaney, Cole Duncan, Aaron Reutzel, Josh Baughman, and Trevor Baker,

Dash Winners: Dave Blaney and Cole Duncan

C-Main Winner: Brandon Spithaler

B-Main Winner: Parker Price-Miller

Rick Ferkel Classic Feature Finish: Cole Duncan, Dave Blaney, Carson Macedo, Tim Shaffer, Aaron Reutzel, Chad Kemenah, Christopher Bell, Hunter Schuerenberg, Rico Abreu, Paul McMahan, Caleb Helms, Spencer Bayston, Lee Jacobs, Ryan Smith, Gerard McIntyre, Josh Baughman, TJ Michael, Parker Price-Miller, Jac Haudenschild, Cale Conley, Carl Bowser, Justin Peck, Trevor Baker, Danny Smith, Cap Henry

Carpet Outlet Late Models ( 33 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Duane Chamberlain 13.534

Heat Winners: Rod Conley, Tyler Carpenter, RJ Conley, and Freddie Carpenter

B-Main winner: Zach Dohm

Feature Finish: RJ Conley, Freddie Carpenter, Tyler Carpenter, Andy Bond, Rod Conley, Kody Evans, Chris Shannon, Mark Frazier, Ryan Markham, Chris Garnes, Jeremy Berwanger, Zach Dohm, Greggie Oliver, Kyle Moore, Dave Hornikel, Matt Irey, Duane Chamberlain, Pete Crum, Brandon Francis, Ronnie Mayle

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