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Hall of Fame Night Results

Hall of Fame Night Results


Kears / VMS Heating &Cooling Sprints (19 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Cole Duncan 12.394

Heat Winners: Cole Duncan, Caleb Armstrong, and Danny Smith

Feature Finish: Cole Duncan, Danny Smith, Nathan Skaggs, Caleb Armstrong, Ronnie Blair, Ryan Broughton, Kory Crabtree, Cody Gallogly, Nate Reeser, Landon Simon, Kirk Jeffries, Ayrton Olsen, Cale Stinson, Bradley Ashford, Jake Hesson, Kyle Kruger, Bryan Nuckles, Ricky Peterson

Carpet Outlet Late Models ( 12 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Mark Frazier 15.152

Heat Winners: Rod Conley and Harrison Hall

Feature Finish: Rod Conley, Randy Armes, Dave Hornikel, Mark Frazier, Bryan Eaton, Kevin Layne, Jesse Lyons, Derek Chaney, Travis Carr, Daniel Kattine, Darren Kattine, Harrison Hall

C&M Racing Equipment SportMods (24 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Bob Crace 15.968

Heat Winners: Bud Frazier, Jamey Adams, and Gary Griffith

B-Main Winner : John Cuckler

Feature Finish: Jamey Adams, Kevin Spencer, Bud Frazier, Bob Crace, Steve Nobile, Gary Griffith, Adam Jones, Jason Adams, Jason Cottrill, Blake Sheets, Gary Park, JD Broughton, Spencer Flowers, Austin Stone, John Cuckler, Aaron Hopkins, Tonka Harris, Adam Travis, Richard Trego, Joel Richendollar

OTP Industrial Solution Modifieds ( 15 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Travis Dickson 16.062

Heat Winners: Travis Dickson and Craig Christian

Feature Finish: Craig Christian, JP Roberts, Travis Dickson, Mark Dickson, Dave Pinkerton, Zach Ackley, Mike Conkle, Brian Whiteman, Terry Humphrey, Drew Bender, Fred Ricart, Brianna Robinson, Derrick Smith, Brian Stone, Dalton Chaney