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Race Results - 65th Anniversary Night

65th Anniversary Night


We would like to Thank Roy Salt and Bruce Hines for coming and telling a little history before we started racing this evening as well as Darell Owens for waving the green flag to start the sprint car feature event.

BOSS Extreme Series Sprints (27 cars)

Fast qualifier: Danny Smith 12.504

Heat Winners: Brandon Wimmer, Brandon Conkel, and Nate Dussel

Feature: Brandon Wimmer, Bryan Knuckles, Ronnie Blair, Cale Thomas, Danny Smith, Nate Dussel, Brandon Conkel, Eddie Sloan, Bob Tucker, Cale Stinson, Kirk Jeffries, Ty Tilton, Mark Imler, Bradley Ashford, Shawn Valenti, Jay Dunaway, Nate Reeser, Ricky Peterson, Lance Webb, Cody Gardner, Keith Crabtree, Josh Davis, Cale Conley DNS, Todd Kane DNS, Ryan Myers DNS, Cody Gallogly DNS

Carpet Outlet Late Models (22 cars)

Fast Qualifier: Kenny Howell (13.650)

Heat Winners: RJ Conley and Rod Conley Feature Finish: RJ Conley, Steve Casebolt, Duane Chamberlain, Rod Conley, Mark Frazier, Jason Montgomery, Kody Evans, Steve Kester, Jason Perry, Kenny Howell, Billy Gullion,, Bret Miller, Billy Staker, Chris Shannon, Harrison Hall, Derek Chaney, Travis Carr, Jesse Lyons, Russ Frohnapfel, Jeff Arnold Sr, Chuck Smith Jr, Josh Robertson

OTP Industrial Solution Modifieds (17 cars)

Fast Qualifier: Jason Montgomery 15.101

Heat Winners: Jason Montgomery and Brian Whiteman

Feature Finish: Brian Whiteman, Jason Montgomery, JP Roberts, Seth Daniels, Rick Aukland, Craig Christian, Mark Dickson, Zac Ackley, Brianna Robinson, Mike Conkle, Drew Bender, Dalton Chaney, Fred Ricart, Greggie Oliver, Dustin Sword, Brian Stone DNS, Shane Shirk DNS

C&M Racing Equipment Sportmods ( 27 cars)

Fast Qualifier: Bob Crace 16.118

Heat Winners: Gary Griffith, Jason Adams, and Jamey Adams

Feature Finish: Bob Crace, Gary Griffith, Kevin Spencer, Jamey Adams, Jason Adams, Adam Jones, Spencer Flowers, Joel Richendollar, Ricky Neace, JD Broughton, Gary Park, Bud Frazier, Blake Sheets, David Landman, Tonka Harris, Austin Stone, Sterling Packer, Devin Casto, Al Travis, Jason Cottrill, John Cuckler, Richard Trego, Mike Brust DNS, Jared Allagree DNS, Chase Frohnapfel DNS, RJ Fink III