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Atomic/Jackson Points Challenge

The Atomic/Jackson Points Challenge

March 30-September 22

Points Payout Top 5:

Modifieds (AMRA Rules) $1,500 800 500 300 200

Sport Mods (AMRA Rules) $1,000 600 400 250 150

Compacts (Rules Posted soon) $500 250 150 125 100

*****Top 15 finishes at each track will be used to calculate points instead of every show being used. This will allow teams who may have issues during the season to remain in the Points Championship battle.

Paying a minimum of the Top 5 in each class.

$5,000 point fund (minimum, may increase)

$100 bonus per driver with perfect attendance

$500 bonus per driver with perfect attendance at both tracks during the challenge

Weekend Sweep Bonuses for winning at both tracks on the same weekend: Modifieds $200 Sport Mods $100 Compacts $100

Modified Champ will also win a provisional into the “Mod Mayhem” show on Sept 29 at Atomic Speedway.

Any sponsors who want involved please contact Brad 740.703.9749 or Donnie 740.708.4183

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