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Unsanctioned 2018/ Points Fund

After much thought and discussion the Owners and Promoters of both Atomic Speedway and Jackson County Speedway have decided to run the 2018 season without a sanctioning body. We appreciate 6 good seasons with the AMRA and wish them luck going forward. Very few racers in this area have run for the AMRA Points title and we have listened to several ideas from several different classes and have decided to try a season unsanctioned. Neither track will have any registration fees in 2018. Also a combined track point fund has been developed to award those who support both tracks in 2018 in the Modified, Sport Mod and Compact classes. (This is an additional point fund separate from each tracks individual point funds) Both tracks will remain Hoosier Tire only tracks with the only Tire Rule changes being in the Modified class with the M30 or m60 on Rear mandatory to start season and then all 4 corners after May 1. Siping will be allowed. The tracks will use a combine AMRA/UMP style rules package. In the Sport Mod class we are currently working on a package that can allow both type Sport Mod engines to be as close to equal as we can. I’m sure there will be several questions so bare with us as we are also in opening stages of getting both facilities ready to race. Hope to see everyone at Atomic and Jackson in 2018. Thank you for your continued support!

The Atomic/Jackson Challenge

March 30-September 22

Points Payout Top 5 Mods $1,000 600 300 200 150 Sport Mods $750 400 200 150 125 Compacts $500 250 150 125 100

Paying top 5 in each class.


Every race at each track counts and to receive any point fund money drivers must compete in 80% of total shows

$5,000 point fund (fund may increase but will not decrease)

$100 bonus per driver with perfect attendance

Modified Champ will also win a provisional into the “Mod Mayhem” show on Sept 29 at Atomic Speedway.

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