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Unsanctioned 2018 FAQ

With Atomic and Jackson going unsanctioned and using a combo of AMRA/UMP rules for 2018 here are a few questions and answers.

Please note: On the Sport Mod part of all this if your running the PRP style Sport Mod it has to meet their rules. It cannot be a mixture of the two. So in other words it needs to be a PRP style Sport Mod with the AMRA style carb or the Atomic style AMRA legal

1)Any changes to the Late Model or Modified Rules? No Late Model changes and only Mod change is the Tire Rules. All UMP and AMRA

Late Models and Modifieds are legal following those rules.

2)Are Fire suppression systems required? Fire Suppression system required in Late Models (AMRA or UMP type) and recommended in all other classes.

3) What are the changes in the Sport Mod Class? Sport Mod Class rule updates for 2018 at Atomic and Jackson is as follows:

We will now allow stud mounter roller rockers. We have actually found that these are stronger and cheaper for racers. And if the PRP style Sport Mods the have engines that pull vacuum they must run and follow these guidelines on the AMRA style carb and engine blocks that all other Atomic Sport Mods have been using.


a. Chevy 350, Ford 302 or 351W, Mopar 340 or 360. OEM steel block only (Max Cubic Inch 390.) b. 602 Crate Engines will be allowed with cast iron heads (no aluminum heads). The 602 crate engine must maintain original dual plane intake. Carburetor must match the rest of the rules

Carburetor: 1 Stock (4412) 2 barrel Holley no modification except removal of choke plate. A straight open hole spacer allowed. (NO Super sucker type spacers allowed.) You may change jets, power valve and accelerator pump only. Must use stock metering blocks. There is a $360 (cash only) buy out on any carb or trade claimer for his. Driver must stop on front stretch to make claim then proceed to tech. Anyone refusing buy out will lose all money and points accumulated for that night. A Driver placing a claim must be on the lead lap.

3) What is the tire rules for Atomic and Jackson? HOOSIER ONLY Late Models- LM20 or Harder, 1300 or Harder on all 4 corners. Modifieds- M30, M60 mandatory on Rear to start season until May 1 then required on all 4 corners. Sport Mods- no softs on right rear, run same rear tires all night (tires will be marked)

4) Can Mods run Spoilers? Yes they can per AMRA specs