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Fan Fest Weekend, Night 2

410 Sprint Cars (14 cars) Fast Qualifier: Nate Reeser Heat Race Winners: Nate Reeser and Danny Smith Feature Finish: Danny Smith, Kory Crabtree, Bryan Nuckles, Dan McCarron, Josh Davis, Ryan Myers, Nate Reeser, Brandon Conkel, Ronnie Blair, Bob Tucker, Kirk Jeffries, John Starr, Jarrett Gerber, Jesse McCreary

OTP Industrial Solution Modifieds (27 Cars) Fast Qualifier: Seth Daniels Heat Winners: Jess Hartman, Brian Skaggs, and Mark Dickson Feature Finish: Brian Skaggs, Rick Auckland, Jess Hartman, Mark Dickson, Aaron Pendleton, Tanner Wilson, Dustin Sword, Adam Stricker, Brad Goff, Brayden Berry, Audie Swartz, Pete Brunton, Eric Berry, Greg Belyea, Dalton Chaney, Dustin Gilbert, Brian Whiteman, Seth Daniels, Matt Edmisten, Zac Ackley

C&M racing Equipment SPortmods (18 cars) Fast Qualifier: Jamey Adams Heat Winners: Jamey Adams and Bob Crace Feature Finish: Jamey Adams, Bob Crace, Jason Cotrill, Kevin Spencer, Gary Griffith, Adam Jones, Spencer Flowers, Tonka Harris, Mike Brust, John Cuckler, Doug Merril, Bill Shannon, Chase Sampson, Bethany Moler, Harley Martin, Richard Trego

Mini Late Models (5 cars) Feature Finish: Shawn Donahue, Joe McFee, Jake Swain, Kyle Breedlove Jr, Caiden Black

Downs Construction 305’s (12 cars) Heat Winners: Jacob Stickle and Jake Hesson

Feature Finish: Rob Felix, Lewie Christian, Derrick Hammond, Jacob Stickle, Hunter Lynch, Jay Dunaway, Chris Smalley, Mike Ebersbach, Jeff Mills, Jake Hesson, Rick Fraley DNS, John Paynter Jr DNS

Compacts (30 cars) Heat Winners: Jake Stamper, Michael Skeens, and Brad Miller B-Main Winners: Nathan Reynolds Feature: RAIN- event will be made up at 1 of 2 remaining race events this season

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