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Race Results 7/29/17

7-29-17 Race Results Atomic Speedway

Buckeye Dirtweek Finale presented by Octane Race Products

Late Models ( 33 cars)

Quick Time Group A- Jeff Babcock 13.800

Quick Time Group B- RJ Conley 13.956

Heat Winners: Tyler Carpenter, Steve Francis, Jeremy Berwanger, Colton Burdette

B- Main Winner: Chris Shannon

Feature Finish: Tyler Carpenter, RJ Conley, Jeremy Berwanger, Rod Conley, Delmas Conley, Colton Burdette, Steve Francis, Eddie Carrier Jr, Zack Dohm, Mark Frazier, Jason Montgomery, Nick Latham, Jackie Boggs, Michael Davis, Paul Stubber, Jeff Babcock, Ben Nicastri, Jeremy Misel, Kevin Wagner, Jeff Arnold, Vic Hottinger, Billy Gullion, Steve Casebolt, Chris Shannon

Modifieds (29 cars)

Quick Time: Jesse Wisecarver 15.180

Heat Winners: Jesse Wisecarver, Kenny Johnson, Seth Daniels, Dave Pinkerton

B-Main Winner: Brian Whiteman

Feature Finish: Jesse Wisecarver, Kenny Johnson, Rick Auckland, Travis Dickson, KC Burdette, Mark Dickson, Seth Daniels, Craig Christian, Greggie Oliver, Cody Faulk, Dave Pinkerton, Dustin Sword, John Burdette, JP Roberts, Joe Hamon, Brian Whiteman, Rob Stambaugh, Travis Carr, Jeremy Berwanger, Cole Perine

SportMods (23 Cars)

Heat Winners: Tonka Harris, Kevin Spencer, and Chase Sampson

Feature Finish: Kevin Spencer, Jamey Adams, John Cuckler, Bob Crace, Chase Sampson, Dan Hurt, Tonka Harris, Gary Griffith, Blake Sheets, Adam Jones, JD Broughton, Stevie Thornsberry, Mike Brust, Jeremy Stegner, Bill Shannon, Austin Stone, Jason Cotrill, Bud Frazier, Bethany Moler

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