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Results for 7/22/17

OSCS Sprints (24 cars)

Heat Winners: Brandon Wimmer, Bryan Nuckles, and Nate Reeser.

B-main: Mitch Warmull

Feature Finish: Cole Duncan, Danny Smith, Brandon Wimmer, Andrew Palker, Dallas Hewitt, Bryan Nuckles, Ronnie Blair, Jordan Harble, Nate Reeser, Mitch Warmull, Kory Crabtree, Ryan Myers, Zean Zemunik, Lance Webb, Mitch Harble, Mark Imler, Bob Tucker, Jimmy Stinson, Todd Kane, Josh Davis

OTP Industrial Solution Modifieds (31 cars) Buckeye Dirtweek for mods night #1

Top 4 qualifiers : Jesse Wisecarver 14.999 KC Burdette, Brad Goff, and Mark Dickson

B-Main Brian Whiteman

Heat winners: Greggie Oliver, Dave Pinkerton, and JP Roberts.

Feature Finish: Craig Christian, KC Burdette, Dave Pinkerton, Greggie Oliver, JP Roberts, Travis Dickson, John Burdette, Seth Daniels, Mark Dickson, Kenny Johnson, Kyle Bond, Jesse Wisecarver, Brad Goff, Joe Hammon, Booger Garnes, Cody Faulk, Bob Page, Brian Whiteman, Chad Roush, Travis Carr

C&M Racing Equipment SportMods (22 cars)

Heat Winners : John Cuckler, JD Broughton, and Reed Bishop

B-main: Gary Griffith

Feature Finish: Bob Crace, John Cuckler, JD Broughton, Blake Sheets, Gary Park, Joel Richendollar, Kevin Spencer, Chase Sampson, Miike Brust, Gary Griffith, Adam Jones, Kevin Miller, Reed Bishop, Tonka Harris, Bud Frazier, Keith Shanks, Stevie Thornsberry, Austin Stone, Devin Casto, Dallas Pickelheimer

Downs Construction 305's (10 cars)

Feature: Jake Hesson, Jim Lewis, Dillan Allagree, Mike Ebersbach, Andy Hill, Cale Stinson, Hunter Lynch, Rick Fraley, Jacob Stickle