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Results for 6/24/17

Race Results 6/24/17

All Star Sprints (53 cars)

Fast Qualifier: Cole Duncan Heat winners: Kevin Thomas Jr, Sean Zemunik, Tanner Thorson, DJ Foos, Caleb Armstrong

D-main winner: Ryan Linder C-main winner: Mitch Harble B-main winner: Cale Conley Dash #1: Caleb Armstrong Dash #2: Cale Thomas

Feature Results: Cole Duncan, Spencer Bayston, DJ Foos, Tanner Thorson, Tim Shaffer, Brandon Wimmer, Lee Jacobs, Kevin Thomas Jr., Carson Macedo, Ryan Smith, Chad Kemenah, Andrew Palker, Max Stambaugh, Danny Smith, TJ Michael, Craig Mintz, Brandon Spithaler, Cale Thomas, Tyler Esh, Duane Zablocki, Caleb Helms, Ronnie Blair, Sean Zemunik, Mitchell Warmall, Cale Conley

CM Race Equipment SportMods (23 cars)

Heat Winners : Jamey Adams, Bob Crace, and Reed Bishop

Feature Result: Jamey Adams, Bob Crace, Joel Richendollar, Chase Sampson, Jason Cottrill, Gary Griffith, JD Broughton, Adam Jones,Bud Frazier, John Cuckler, Kevin Spencer, Gary Park, Mike Brust, Ronnie Mayle, Reed Bishop, Tonka Harris, Blake Sheets, Austin Stone, Jeff Ward, Aaron Clark, Dalton Davey. Brian Stone DNS, Patrick Hayes DNS.

OTP Industrial Solution Mods (25 cars)

Heat Winners: Dave Jamison, Kenny Johnson, and Travis Dickson

Feature Results: Greggie Oliver, Travis Dickson, Dave Jamison, Kenny Johnson, Brian Whiteman, JP Roberts, Andy Bond, Seth Daniels, Mark Dickson, Brad Goff, Dustin Sword, Zac Ackley, Donnie Miller, Aaron Pendleton, KC Burdette, Matt Altiers, Eric Arledge, Derrick Austin, Dustin Gibbs, Dalton Chaney, Mike Conkle, Chad Roush, Dave Pinkerton. Roy Johnson DNS, Phil Bapst DNS.

Downs Construction 305's (21 cars)

Heat Winners: Steven Kennawell, Jake Hesson, and Jim Lewis

Feature Results: Nathan Skaggs (started on tail), Jim Lewis, Dustin Hammond, Hunter Lynch, Jeff Taylor, Joe Allagree, Lewie Christian, Mike Downs, Andy Hill, Stevie Kenawell, Randy Sterling, Cale Stinson, Jay Dunaway, Jacob Stickle, Dillan Allagree, Chris Smalley, Mike Ebersbach, John Bolt, Jacob Hesson. Chad Hyatt DNS

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