410 Sprint Rules: Click Here

IMCA RaceSaver 305's

Late Models:

2021 UMP Eastern Region tire rules:

Hoosier only LM 20, LM 40, 1300,  1350, 1425. These 5 ONLY allowed.

UMP Modifieds:

Follow UMP rules (click here)

Sport Mods: 2022 Rules - Click Here
Update: Spoilers must be solid, no holes.

Demo Derby: Click Here

24 Hour Rules: Click Here


Tire rule for all classes: HOOSIER ONLY

All Classes are required to run transponders

Additional track rules and responsibilities:

The promoter and/or track officials reserve the right to reject any car and/or driver without recourse. Only suitable cars will be approved for competition. All cars and drivers are subject to inspection at any time by tech inspector and/or track official. No car deemed unsafe or non-conforming by a track official or tech inspector will be allowed on the track at any time. All non-comforming parts will be confiscated. If a car has been found non-conforming, upon his next visit to the speedway, the car will be teched prior to the racing events.


The driver and owner assumes responsibility for all actions of pit crew, sponsors, and themselves at all times and shall be the sole spokespersons for the car and crew in any and all matters pertaining to the race and with officials in charge. If the driver is also the owner, only he/she will be the sole spokesperson.


Anyone leaving his or her pit area to go to another pit area to cause a disturbance may be suspended by track management for whatever period of time is deemed necessary.


Firearms and any type of weapons are absolutely prohibited at all times on the grounds of Atomic Speedway, as the facility is private property. At any time, the display of any type of weapon or threat of bodily harm may result in permanent suspension and arrest.

Any driver committing unnecessary contact, harassment, or using any driving tactic that is considered dangerous by the flagman or track official will be deemed rough driving. This rule applies to hot laps, preliminary events, and features. Reprimands for rough driving are covered in the Rules of Procedures. (Note: Remember, threats of retaliation on the speedway could be considered assault with a deadly weapon and grounds for prosecution.)


Absolutely no fighting for any reason. Drivers, owners, crew members, etc. fighting will be subject to a suspension.

Failure to comply with this rule by any person(s) will mean immediate suspension from future races.

No person signing into the pit area shall drink intoxicants and/or use narcotics during a racing event. Any driver or crew member who arrives at Atomic Speedway under the influence of intoxicants and/or narcotics will be denied participation in the events of that day. No exception to the rule. Atomic Speedway reserves the right to check teams’ hauler, trailer, or race car for narcotics and/or intoxicants at any time. Any participant suspected of narcotic and/or intoxicant use may be subject to testing. Refusal of testing may result in expulsion or suspension from Atomic Speedway. Any injured competitor that was determined to be legally intoxicated will result in a denial of insurance benefits.


No driver, car owner, or crew member will have any claim for damages or expenses against the promoter or any track official by reasons of disqualification, damages to the car, or injuries to the driver. All parties agree that the track grounds are considered safe if they take part in the event. It is the duty of all drivers, car owners, and crew members to bring to the attention of track officials any unsafe equipment, practices, or any rules infraction of any car or driver. The driver further acknowledges that the driver is aware that auto racing involves risks and that by competing in an event, the driver assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge

An approved racing helmet with goggles or face shield, flame retardant uniform with gloves (highly recommended), and competition quick-release harness with shoulder straps must be worn and be fastened at all times while on the track or in the pits. A full-face helmet is highly recommended (Snell 1995 Recommended).


Excessive speeding in the pit area will not be tolerated and will be subject to a fine.


All required emergency personnel and flagman must be present before hot laps or competition takes place on the track.

It is highly recommended that drivers are not to get out of their cars on the race track until safety crews arrive or unless there is an extreme emergency. Any driver that does so to argue or discuss the race with the officials will be scored last and may be disqualified for the night or suspended according to the decision of the officials.


No one is permitted on the race track unless authorized. Anyone who does so may be penalized from the pit area for a minimum of one week.


Owners of the ATV’s are responsible for their use and all injuries that could occur. ATV’s are not permitted in the grandstand area.

All teams will be responsible for the proper disposal of their used motor oil, grease, or any other lubricants, coolants, or substances that may be harmful to the environment.


All teams are responsible for their tires. Do not leave unwanted tires laying around and expect the track to clean up for you.


All cars are subject to inspection by the tech inspector or track official at any time or any place. The tech inspector will enforce the rules of the appropriate division, and shall have the authority to deny a car permission to race based on his judgment of its condition relative to the rules.


A driver will have one week to make any necessary changes to get completely up to track specification. The exception to this will be safety specifications which will have no grace period.


It is your responsibility to know and understand the rules before you participate. Cars that do not pass inspection or those that do not meet minimum requirements set by the track and/or tech inspector will not be able to compete, no refunds will be given, and any points and monies earned that night will be forfeited.



Drivers meeting will precede hot laps. All drivers/owners are expected to attend the meeting to obtain the evening’s announcements, rules changes, etc. Drivers who do not attend the drivers’ meeting waive all rights to protest. Listen to the p.a. announcement and check the pit board for race event procedures.

Please note: Drivers must be signed in by the time the driver's meeting start or they cannot receive show up points for that night.



Hot laps will be approximately 30-60 minutes before the first event of the evening.



Heats: Sprints, Late Models, Modifieds - 8 laps, All Others - 6 laps

Consy: 12 laps, or at the discretion of the flagman or track officials

Features: Sprints and Late Models - 25 laps, Modifieds - 20 laps, Racesaver 305 and Sport Mods - 15 laps,



Time and lap limits will be in effect for all classes. The limits are:

8 Laps / 10 minutes

10 Laps / 12 minutes

12 Laps / 15 minutes

15 Laps / 20 minutes

20 Laps / 25 minutes

25 Laps / 30 minutes



All classes will need a car representative to draw a pill for qualifying order and heat race line-ups. The car must be in the pits when the pill is drawn. Pill cut off will be immediately following drivers meeting. Once a division’s lineup is made, no more pills will be drawn in that division. Any car(s) not pulling a pill will start at the rear of the heats in a first come, first served manner. If a car(s) misses the heat races, he or she will start at the tail of the consy or feature in a first come, first served manner.


Line-ups will be posted on the pit board. Please line yourself up for your event. Cars will enter the line-up area as directed by the line-up officials. Cars should enter the speedway at a slow and steady pace double file so that we can go green the next lap.



All original starts in turn four at the orange poles or chalk line. The race is officially started when the flagman waves the green flag. Any car(s) involved in a spin or accident before the green flag or before the completion of lap one will go to the rear. All single file restarts will begin at the cone on the frontstretch. Any car(s) that stops on the track will also go to the tail (this rule applies to Sprint classes ONLY, all other classes we utilize judgement calls). Cars passing before the green is displayed will be penalized two positions for each car jumped. If the caution is displayed after the infraction, you will be penalized then. If the race goes green the rest of the way, the finish will be adjusted accordingly.


Any driver jumping the start (or restart) will be warned. A second occurrence will result in the driver being moved to the tail.

Alternate car(s) may be added to the feature field if the initial green flag has not been waved. No car(s) will be added to the feature field once the green flag is waved.


To receive any monetary awards you must take the green flag for that race. In other words you will not be paid simply because you qualified for a race.



Green flag: The race officially begins or signals a restart after a caution or red flag period.

Yellow flag: Drivers must reduce speed and maintain position.

Red flag: Slow immediately and come to a complete stop.

Black flag: Disqualification/consultation, driver must proceed to the pits immediately!

Blue flag: Leaders approaching, slower car is to give lapping car consideration.

White flag: One lap remaining in the event.

Checkered flag: Race is officially complete, race leader is declared the winner.



All scoring will be done at the start/finish line. Results and decisions will be made by scorers and/or track officials. No videos, pictures, etc. will be used to make rulings.



A lap is considered a lap when the leader has passed the flag stand. Once the yellow or red light is displayed, all scoring stops. Do not race back to the flag stand. The remainder of the field will be filled in from the last completed lap.


Cars will fall back behind the car they were racing behind. Lapped cars will align themselves at the tail of the field.



When the yellow or red lights are displayed, all scoring stops. Do not race back to the flag stand. Under red flag conditions, all drivers must stop as quickly and safely as possible. Do not drive through the accident scene! Emergency and pit entrances of the track cannot be blocked. Emergency personnel need to get to the accident scene as quickly as possible.


Red flag conditions, closed red - clean-up time will be minimal. No one is permitted on the track. Drivers are to remain in their cars.

Open red - clean-up time is expected to be longer. Cars will be pushed to turns three and four. Drivers may exit their cars when safety permits, but are to remain in the general area of their cars. Three crew members per team will be allowed on the track.


During a red flag stop, any car brought into the pit area will be disqualified from the race in progress.


Tire(s) may be changed only during a red flag stop in the A-Main. However, you will restart from the tail. During sanctioning events the sanctioning organization’s rules will apply.


Drivers involved in red flag accidents are to be evaluated EMS personnel. This is for the welfare and safety of all drivers involved.


If a driver’s car comes to a stop at any time on the track, the said driver will go to the rear. Exception: If a driver is spun and deemed to be intentional they will retain their spot.


If a driver has been stopped by an official or if driver stops by an official for safety reasons (loose seat belts, debris on track, etc.), driver will retain their position. Exception: If a driver stops prior to the start of an event before the flagman gives the one to go signal or before the yellow light has been turned off, said driver will retain starting position.

JUDGEMENT CALLS will not be made by track officials or staff.

RESTARTS: All restarts will be single-file at the cone on the frontstretch. Drivers must stay in single file order, strictly nose to tail and may not pass until they pass the cone. Cars passing before the green is displayed will be penalized two positions for each car jumped. If the caution is displayed after the infraction, driver will be penalized then. If the race goes non-stop without another caution, the finish will be adjusted accordingly.


If more than one car exits the race on the same lap, their finish will be determined by their last completed lap.



1) Cars black-flagged for blatant behavior such as rough driving, failure to obey officials, deliberately trying to stop the event, etc. will be disqualified and will receive no points or pay for that race. These above infractions will not be tolerated at any time, no exception.

2) A driver involved in two cautions in a heat race, two cautions in a consy, or two cautions in a feature will be black-flagged for the event.


3) Any car(s) not maintaining a safe speed or judged unsafe by the flagman or official is cause for being black-flagged for that event.


The top 3 Late Model, UMP Modifieds in the heat and feature must weigh. Only the cars that transfer to the feature must weigh after the consy. Cars that are towed off the track and cars that did not finish the event will not be forced to weigh in any division. Minimum weight for Late Models is 2300lbs, Modifieds is 2400lbs, Sport Mods 2500lbs with driver. There will be no weight tolerances.


No participant shall subject a scorer or any track official to verbal or physical abuse or improper language at any time. The driver/owner assumes responsibility for the actions of their crew and themselves.


Only the driver or car owner as designated pit registration form may file a scoring or race protest. All protests will be filed with the race director. The driver or car owner will have five minutes after the results have been posted to file a protest. Any driver, owner, or pit crew member entering the scoring tower or flag stand will be suspended for a minimum of one week and may disqualify the car and/or driver for a minimum of one week of racing, at the discretion of Atomic Speedway.


All disputes will be settled after the completion of the racing program, unless the matter can be handled accordingly.


The dispute will be handled in a professional way. The driver and/or car owner should present himself in a positive manner- one that is acceptable by those he or she represents, and those who are nearby. At no time will drivers and/or owners be permitted to discuss race or scoring protests or disputes in the grandstand area.

The promoter, flagman, and track officials will enforce the rules of procedures and conduct, and determine sanctions.



The decisions of Atomic Speedway officials or promoter at an event, including the interpretation and application of rules and the scoring of positions, shall be FINAL, BINDING, and NON-APPEALABLE, except in the case of a suspension or fine, which is further explained in the SUSPENSIONS/FINES & APPEALS category.


All participants, as a condition of participating in an event, agree that ALL decisions of officials or the promoter, regarding the interpretation and application of the rules, and the scoring of positions, shall be NON-LITIGABLE. All participants further covenant and agree that they will NOT initiate any of legal action against Atomic Speedway, the promoter, and officials to challenge such decision, to seek monetary damages, to seek injunctive relief, or to seek any kind of legal remedy. If a participant pursues any such legal action, which violates this provision, then the participant and/or owner expressly agrees to reimburse Atomic Speedway for ALL of its




Atomic Speedway will determine any and all suspensions/fines that are covered in the rules and procedures and any violation that may come up during the year. Atomic Speedway will make judgement on the sanctions and violator(s) will be sent official notice by a certified letter, return receipt requested.


The violator(s) will have the opportunity to appeal his or her sanction and must do so in writing accompanied by any relevant documentation within three days of being notified of the violation. Atomic Speedway then will set a date and time for the hearing. The violator will present his case to Atomic Speedway. Following the appeal hearing with the violator, Atomic Speedway will conduct further follow-ups, meetings, hearings, etc. with any other necessary party. Judgement then will be rendered to the violator by a certified letter, return receipt



Track officials may cancel a race if dangerous or unsafe conditions arise. If the race is called because of an accident or weather, the payoff will be based on the last completed green flag lap. All cars involved in the final caution will be scored at the end of the last completed lap. For the race to be considered official, at least 50% of the scheduled number of laps must have been completed.

If all of the preliminary races or part of the features have been completed and the weather forces the program to be cancelled, there will be no "rain out". Make-up features will be run in the subsequent nights, if possible, and no new cars will be added to the field. Also, if all of the preliminaries are completed on day one of a two-day show, no new cars will be able to compete on the second day in a consy or feature, unless they were in the pit area on the first day.


If the races are cancelled prior to the completion of all of the preliminary events, a "rain out" will be declared. Your tickets will be good for the next two events. If an increased admission event occurs in one of the following weeks, you may use your rain check and pay the difference. If an increased admission show is cancelled, your ticket may be redeemed for its face value for the specified (management's decision) make-up special event or it may be redeemed at one of the next two regular events. No refunds will be given for the difference in the ticket prices in either case.


Exception: If feature event(s) is/are are cancelled and the show has been considered a complete show, and no rain date will be utilized, the total feature purse may be split equally among the qualified drivers, if 50% or more of the feature has not been completed. Officials also reserves the right to choose a scenario that best fits the interest of Atomic Speedway, which may or may not include a make-up night.