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The Fall Banger 500

Event Information:

The event will be held October 19th. 

Main Gate: 2PM

Racing: 8PM



(1-40) Entries will be $2,500 to win paying the top 10 teams
(41-75) Entries will be $3,000 to win paying the top 15 teams



General Admission tickets: $10

Pit Pass: $25

Early Registration: Before September 1st: $200
After September 1st: $250 (Transponder Included)

Free Primitive Camping all weekend!

1. car must be completely stock. (no glass, no headlights, no taillights, can remove jack, spare tire) car interior must be stripped
2. cars/trucks/vans must be 22’ or smaller, stock fuel tank, no fuel cells.
3. mufflers are required. No exceptions. Extra straps encouraged.
4. roll bar with 1.5”O.d. tubing required, full cage permitted.
5. 3 bars with windshield screen to protect driver required.
6. seat belts or harness must be in working condition.
7. re-fueling of cars will be done in a track designated area, driver must exit vehicle for re-fuel, and drivers are required to swap at each re-fuel interval. Crew member must have fire extinguisher present during re-fuel.
8.helmets are required for all competitors. Racing jacket or welding jacket required.
9. flat tires, a car will be waved to the work area to change a flat tire, once the flagman has waved you in (2) twice, you are subject to penalty or disqualification.
10. no passengers are permitted of any kind in any vehicles during competition.
11. when a car is in the work area, jack stands are required before a crew member can be under a vehicle. No exceptions. A “floor jack” alone is not sufficient.
12. each car required to have a fire extinguisher on board at all times. all teams must have a fire extinguisher in their pit area at all times!
13. rough or aggressive driving is strictly prohibited, and is grounds for immediate disqualification without pay. This is a 24 hour race, and we want to have cars left at the end of 24 hours to put on a show.
14. each car is required to have 4 “different” drivers compete, drivers are required to swap at each re-fuel/driver swap interval.
15. every 250 laps we will have a mandatory red flag for (8 minutes) to re-fuel cars and complete driver swap.
16. racing seats are allowed but must be mounted properly or subject to disqualification.
17. your entry # is your required car # for this race. Ex. (entry #7 will be car #7) and your entry # will determine your starting position for the race.

*rules subject to minor changes if necessary per track officials.

(1- 40 Entries)
1. $2500

2. $1000

3. $750

4. $500

5. $400

6. $350

7. $300

8. $250

9. $200
10. $150

(41-75 Entries)

1. $3000

2. $1200

3. $800

4. $650

5. $500

6. $450

7. $400

8. $350

9. $300

10. $250

11. $240

12. $230

13. $220

14. $210

15. $200

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